The Best Tool for Time Management and the ADHD Brain

In 15 minutes we are leaving the house!”  Says every mom, every day!

Well, what happens when in 15 minutes your child is nowhere to be found and you find yourself stressed, being late, getting frustrated and upset knowing you will be running late because you find your child upstairs getting lost in legos, puzzles, games, etc…nowhere near ready to walk out the door?  What happens then? More importantly, what DIDN’T happen?

I can tell you:  your child didn’t understand how long 15 minutes was, lost track of time and forgot about it.

One of the biggest challenges with ADHD is time management – how to plan the day, how to stay on task, being on time and understanding how time elapses. You see, the ADHD brain thinks “differently”  and processes time in a very unique way, completely opposite of neurotypicals! Many who seek coaching are looking for tools and strategies for their child in this one very broad, all-encompassing topic.

Well, I put together a special video – The Best Tool for Time Management and the ADHD Brain – JUST for this reason.  Its premise is one of the most common topics my clients need help with: time management and their child. CLICK HERE TO ORDER IT.

In it, I share 4 concepts of “time” to an ADHD Brain to better understand how the brain processes and thinks about time.

But the BEST NEWS?  There is a TOOL that can be LIFE CHANGING for families and completely help their child succeed and self manage their time!!!  It saved our family and I swear by it!  I really do! (Well, not the actual swearing, but you know what I mean!). Our home became more peaceful and I wasn’t always nagging and being stressed and hurried leaving the house and anxious about transitioning from one task or event to the other… ALL that went away with the Time Timer.

I explain why I love this tool, why I couldn’t live without it and why I feel the Time Timer is the best tool available for ADHD kids and how it works.  I break it down to show how to help our children understand the device and I then wrap up the video with examples (lots of them!) for how to effectively use it to best support your child!!

It’s a goodie!!!  A video you won’t want to miss!!  Simply grab a snack, coffee or tea and click here to order this video and then watch how you can help your child succeed with time!

NOTE: I do not work for Time Timer, but I am an affiliate which means that if you click on the links shown and purchase one of their products, I may earn commission on the sale. However my comments and LOVE for this product started waaaaay before I ever heard the word affiliate so they are 100% authentic and uninfluenced.