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My name is Kelly and I’m a Certified ADHD Teen Life Coach and teens are my jam! I partner with high schoolers who need someone in their corner helping them establish skills and staying above ground with grades and assignments, and parents who want someone their teen will listen to.


Hi, I’m Kelly!

Thank you for stopping by and visiting my website! I have the honor of being mom to two awesomely unique (and opposite)  boys and a wife of 20+ years to Tim. It’s been a privilege beyond words to walk alongside our high schoolers as they become young adults!

My path to becoming a coach was deeply personal, beginning with my own struggles in connecting with my neurodiverse son. Our home was once filled with tension and arguments, leading me to a profound realization after two years of studying ADHD: I needed to change. By transforming my approach to parenting, we achieved a peaceful, argument-free home, inspiring me to help others achieve the same.

With over 3500 hours of coaching experience, I’ve guided countless teens toward increasing their grades, boosting their confidence, and mastering life skills tailored to their unique brains. My work extends to parents as well, helping them reset expectations and connect with their teens on a deeper level. The proof of my impact is in the peaceful homes, the grateful parents, and the confident, motivated teens who have transformed their struggles into strengths.

If you’re looking for support in navigating the complexities of ADHD with your teen, I’m here to help you have the same peaceful home I do!  


What I Value Most:

I am deeply COMMITTED, respectful, trustworthy and grateful: 

I am honored with the privilege of working with your teen…and I will never take your business for granted!

Kelly Biltz - ADHD Coach

What is ADHD Teen Life Coaching?

As your ADHD Life coach, I will partner with your son/daughter and help them uncover their best practice (and version of themselves)  for time management, procrastination, organization, motivation, (such a tough one!)  study environment, grades and self care. 

Mental Wellness is super important to me and I will help your high schooler with coping skills for anxiety, overwhelm and support their journey to independence and ensuring they are taking care of themselves along the way.


The Teen Rockstar Program was exactly what I was looking for. I needed an expert who could help my teen develop their executive function skills in order to have a successful school year.

I would not be where I am without you!  You got me through high school and I am so thankful you were there for me!

My teen looked forward to weekly check-ins and consistently expressed that this helped increase his confidence and ability to handle his workload.

I have learned so much from you. I am forever grateful for your support!

Kelly’s Teen Rockstar program instills in teens that they can overcome their challenges – period. This belief is key to their success.

Since working with Kelly, I have seen our need to micro-manage homework completion evaporate. I believe accountability to a respected adult who isn’t a parent is key.

Let’s Work Together

My coaching program is designed to empower your high schooler with the tools and knowledge they need to effectively advocate for themselves, deeply understand their ADHD, and master the art of managing it.

Through personalized support and strategies tailored to their unique challenges and strengths, we’ll work together to ensure they navigate high school with confidence and resilience.

This program is more than just a guide; it’s a I am an accountability partner with not only your teen but you as well!  My goal is for your stress as a parent to decrease and your teen’s confidence in their academic and home life to increase.