Self Care: It’s all About YOU!

Hello everyone and Welcome to 2021!

I have taken time off to reflect, regroup, reconnect with family (and myself!) and it has proven quite fruitful as I am laser focused on 2021!

Are you resolution people? Me? As much as I begin every new year with a bang and the best of intentions…

I always fall short. (hurts the self esteem- every.single. year!) But this year, I am starting out with a focus on self care.

Balance and support for goals with time management

I joke about it come March…shrug it off when asked about it…and act like I never even made resolutions come April! I have come to realize it is SUPER hard for me to do something and be intentional the entire year (then the guilt piles on and I just block it all out!). 

Not because I don’t want to, but because I may not be as planned or have the support I need and so, I have decided to switch things up both personally and professionally this year, so that I can stay on track with balance and what I want to accomplish. 

How am I going to do this and how will this benefit you? (I can see the thought bubble above your head right now!) So glad  you are thinking this!  

I am setting monthly intentions for my business – meaning, I am going to focus on a topic a month so I can best prepare, organize, plan and provide you insight into what’s ahead so you can Be in the know!  Who doesn’t want to be in the know? By doing this, I will reach my bigger 2021 intentions of planning ahead and being MUCH smarter with time management. See how I’m breaking it all down – one month at a time, so I won’t end this quarter feeling like I can’t meet my own expectations!  

Stress-free Self Care for Parents of Neurodiverse Children

I shared that this past month that I have done a ton of reflection and one of the “AHA” moments that I took away from 2020 was that I have not taken as good of care of myself as I have done in the past. I think with COVID, I worked so much harder, longer and dove into my business like it was no one’s business, I forgot about myself.  I got so caught up in helping others (which is what literally drives me whether it’s my family or yours!), that I have forgotten the importance of putting myself first. As parents, regardless of the age of our children, we constantly pour into our families- we are like the energizer bunny, and we tend to just be on this constant reel of helping and giving and getting up and doing doing doing! As parents of neurodiverse children, good gracious, it seems there are days when we are lucky to get our teeth brushed before we leave the bedroom. It’s not a joke – parenting an ADHD child regardless of their age takes a ton of effort, energy and patience.  Which is WHY it is beyond critical to ensure we are taking care of ourselves.  

Someone texted me the other day after I posted in the FB group and asked why I am focusing on self care for the start of the new year. Self care takes many forms and it’s not only bubble baths, friends!  Self care is making your life as simple and uncomplicated as can be so YOU can show up and be present and intentional and give your children the patience they deserve and need from you.  It’s about limiting stress and stress comes in MANY shapes and sizes!  Self care is about your mental, physical, spiritual and emotional well being and parenting a child with ADHD is an all hands on deck every day experience.  

Free ADHD Coach Parenting Tips

You may be sitting there thinking I don’t have the time. I get it.  I know. So let’s have a virtual coaching session right now. What’s the cost of you not spending time with yourself? How is this benefiting your family? How are you showing up? You have to make the time!  Intentional, present time with you, yourself and YOU! I had to ask and answer these exact questions….and it wasn’t pretty!!! 

Take some time off to reflect and TALK to someone you trust

I haven’t been making time for myself. I’ve been inundated with my work. I have this guilt ridden “gnat” that keeps swarming around in my subconscious and it’s all because I am haven’t been  in balance with ME. I’ve  been like a guest in my own house at times just watching people come and go and live their lives right in front of me. I’ve second guessed my practice, my whys,  my motivation and my purpose. Luckily, time off, reflection  and lots of talking with my hubby (he is always my sounding voice and voice of reason) has allowed me to get my head clear and come up with a path where I have Kelly time  (and also one that has more time with him!). Win win!! 

Guilt-Free Dinner Delivery!!

One of the ways I am  helping myself is  ordering dinner (4 meals) from a food delivery service once a week. I have had so much guilt around not being organized enough to have meals ready and planned for our sons and it was causing a huge amount of stress ( ALL SELF INDUCED) and guilt that has been weighing me down. Before I began my practice I made dinner  almost every night and we ate  together as a family. This hasn’t happened nearly as much in the past 2 years so I need to get some semblance of this back. I realized this will be a huge help and relief for me and I won’t feel insufficient! 

What I do know is that when we are void of time with self and helping ourselves, it presents itself in different ways in our home: I’ve been more “on edge” some days than others- call it a shorter fuse, or not extending the grace our sons are accustomed to and just, maybe some grumpier, “nit pickier” moods, but it has showed up in not so pleasant ways.  

If I am speaking to you, you will enjoy what I have planned for January! It  is ALL about YOU!  I am focusing on getting back to self care, which means having more time for you, having more patience, maybe refraining and walking away whilst in the midst of tween tude (yes,  I created this word!) in your home!  

Grounding yourself and learning to let go

It’s time to start this year off with a strong foundation and practice of grounding ourselves, having our daily balance and showing up for yourself. Maybe letting go of a few things. Someone shared in our facebook group this quote and I think it’s dead on: 

“These mountains that you are carrying you were only supposed to climb.”

This totally spoke to me.  We carry so much and pile it on, don’t we?  It’s time to let some things go, like I am doing. I am getting help with this one area that has had me weighed down!

Take care of yourself so you can show up for your loved ones

Because when you do this and when you show up for yourself, taking care of YOU in the way that only YOU can and truly need, you will show up for your loved ones in the way they need you to.  And let’s face it, you don’t ever really have a break when it comes to parenting, BUT you can tackle the day with more peace, more patience and be the calm in the midst of any storm that comes your way when you take care of YOU first.

Intentional ADHD Parenting Freebie!!!

Are you ready to start 2021 with YOU as your intention?  I am….join me in my FB group Here where I will be going live every Friday, where a new freebie will be released this month and where you will find support and posts with all you need for taking care of YOU.