Relax, Reflect & Recharge

It’s June! It’s finally June!

I’m looking forward to a few things over the summer and I have some exciting changes happening that I want to share with you about LovingGradditude. 

2020-2021 was a year of so much learning—for our teens, yes, but also for us parents. When parenting teens with ADHD, it’s important we as parents take time to relax, reflect and recharge

I learned that even coaches need to take breaks, refresh, regroup, and decompress. So this summer I will be finding balance to give myself and my family time to recuperate from the stress of the last few months. 

But I never stop learning! That’s where the balance comes in. I will be taking two intensives this summer to hone my academic study skills and social skills for teens with ADHD. These two areas are so important in my work with ADHD teens, and I want to make sure I’m always investing in education to give teens and parents the best support  possible.  

I will also be attending the 14th Annual Social Thinking Global Providers’ Online Conference. This is an event I attend every year to continue building my social thinking, learning, and executive function skills. 

And you can expect to see some changes to my branding over the summer as well. I will be rebranding to focus on working solely with teens. I can’t wait to show you the new logo and changes to the website. 🤩

Need support over the summer?

As always, I’ll be popping in on social media to provide useful free content, so be sure to check out all my Pinterest pins and keep hanging out in the Facebook group for support all through the summer. You might even see me as a guest on a podcast or two.   

Next month, I’ll have all the details about my coaching programs for your teens through the 2021-2022 school year, so keep your eyes peeled for that! 

I hope you get the chance to relax, reflect and recharge. As always, be sure to join us in the Facebook group for more helpful tips and tricks to manage ADHD.