31 Days have elapsed in this new decade and I’m wondering how many of you are STILL sticking to your resolutions, intentions, goals, (whatever you’ve named it!) for 2020? Hands raised? Hands lowered? How’s it going?


And it feels GREAT to commit to something every day so far!

I highly encourage you to NOT give up on something you’re wanting to do for yourself!

One of the things I say to my clients all the time is:

“Don’t let yourself down!”

Don’t do it! Stick to your guns and remember the importance of why you decided to want to do these things. Don’t allow yourself to be deterred (or get in your own head!) because it seems too high a goal or something that was just too far fetched.

If you’re reading this and you have challenges with ADHD and Executive Functions, I am here to share with you –> I am fully engaged this month on HOW to best support you! How to stay on task, How to get projects and to do lists done and NOT be beholden to all the negative stuff that comes into your thoughts that deter you from being awesome!

This month it’s all about OWNING your ADHD!

Yep! I’m making this the month to share how you can be more productive, accountable, and manage time all the while bringing an understanding of ADHD into your world as to WHY you may not be able to stay motivated.

Anyone bored with their goals yet?  Anyone not feeling motivated?

AHHH…I’ve got you! Stay with me and follow me on Social Media – INSTAGRAM OR FACEBOOK – so you don’t miss any of the goodness coming your way!

Make February YOUR month to OWN your ADHD..like the rock star that you are!