Kelly is Marked SAFE from Chaos

It’s been a month, hasn’t it? It seems like no matter where you live right now, there is some kind of hardship happening.

For me, all the crazy outside gets me really grateful for the haven we’ve created inside our home with our sons.

Our home base is our haven

Remember that phrase from when we were kids?
Running from the bigger kids, heart pounding out of your chest on the playground during a game of tag, but you touched home base… Suddenly you were invulnerable.
You could watch the madness in safety while you caught your breath.

When life is difficult, my teens know that they have a home base where they can shelter in place, study, or just hang out.

They can catch their breath and figure out what they want to do and who they want to be while they wait for things to calm down a bit out there.

Over in the Facebook group, we’ve been talking about how to create an environment in your home that helps your teens find the motivation and momentum to regroup when they have to deal with hybrid schooling.  (My kids are trying full-time virtual schooling right now 😉)

Do you have that kind of haven in your home?

If your answer is “no”, but you would love to see your teen happier, there are so many options for you! I want to be a source of support for your home.

  1. One-on-one coaching with your teen – I work with your ADHD teen one-on-one to help them set goals, thrive in their schooling, and determine a clear path for their dreams. Coaching is an effortless, most effective option for parents who want to create more peace in their home and help their ADHD teens to learn responsibility as they prepare for life outside the nest. If you are interested, hop in the Facebook group and message me, or email me directly to book a 15 minute call. We can talk about what coaching would look like for your teen and what kind of results you can expect to see when they work with me one to one.
  2. Collaborative Parent Academy – This course guides you through parenting your teen with ADHD through adolescence. If you feel like you just can’t get it right, you’re not alone. It’s legit hard to make the leap from kid to teen with ADHD in the mix. This is  the next best option if your teen can’t or won’t work with a coach for whatever reason. (I’ve never had a teen turn me down for coaching after talking to me though!)
  3. Remember that your teen wants to succeed just as much as you want them to. Start shifting a little responsibility to them today. Give them encouragement when you see them making progress on their grades, or turning in a few assignments or, maybe, thanking them for doing something without you asking twice. A little encouragement goes a long way toward creating that safe place we’re all striving for in our homes. Take my FUN PARENTING QUIZ to find out which parenting style you have and how you can make little adjustments that will make all the difference in the teen years.

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