ADHD Resources that I LOVE

Having trouble finding ADHD resources geared to yours or your child’s stage of life?

Even though I work with teenagers, some of my favorite resources are geared toward children or adults. 

That’s because the underlying and overlying symptoms of ADHD are the same whether you are a child, teen, or adult.

The only difference is how long you’ve lived with those symptoms.

If you want better resources to help you navigate ADHD, my suggestion is to try crossing the aisle and stepping outside of your typical search range. You might just find that an author or a speaker resonates with you more than another, and sometimes that’s all it takes to get a real breakthrough in your ADHD management. 

I’ve compiled a list of my favorite resources by category, and I want to share them with you below. 

Whether you are looking for the best way to study with ADHD, how to talk to my teen, self-care ADHD, and ADHD hyperfocus, along with any other ADHD related topics, these resources will get you moving along the path to better management and control for yourself or your teen. 

*Side note, the resources in my list are all experts I’ve interacted with, know personally, or was referred to by other colleagues in my field. They’re trustworthy sources with excellent reputations in ADHD management.

So, without further ado, here are my favorite ADHD experts and resources…

Michelle Garcia Winner of

This is one of the best resources for navigating the social element and emotional regularion of ADHD. This lady is incredible because she has courses for educators, amazing website conferences where she hosts other educators, providers, coaches, and parents. 

Her resources are for ages four to adult. She is an invaluable resource for social emotional learning and thinking in the broader picture of education. 

Her website can be overwhelming because she is loaded with a ton of information, but it is broken down by age group to make it easier to navigate. She does have a lot of free resources, on-demand classes, and tools that teachers use in the classroom. 

I love this Social Thinking Thinksheets for Tweens and Teens: Learning to Read in Beteween the Social Lines. It’s a book full of mini interactive lesson plans for high functioning individuals with autism or ADHD and covers topics anywhere from self-monitoriing to friendship to developing effective communication.   

I highly recommend all of Michelle’s resources.

ADHD Speakers

  • Dr. Edward M. Hallowell and Dr. John J. Ratey, authors of Driven to Distraction.
  • Dr. Ratey was a keynote speaker and the ADHD Annual Conference and has some excellent research regarding exercise and the brain. 
  • Dr. Hallowell has five Hallowell ADHD Centers around the country for ADHD testing. He’s a hugely popular man within the ADHD world and just a really amazing person. 
  • Dr. Ross Greene, author of The Explosive Child. I attended the ADHD Annual Conference where Dr. Greene was a keynote speaker. Amazing man. Whatever he says is golden. If you don’t know of him or don’t know him, get this book. He has a lot of templates and a succinct process for walking through explosive behavior in ADHD. 
  • Dr. Sharon Saline Anytime she speaks, I attend her sessions. She’s very highly revered in the ADHD community. Also, she’s brilliant and I absolutely adore her.

ADHD Authors

Best ADHD Podcasts

Other ADHD Resources

  • Leslie Josel, the creator of The Academic Planner for students with ADHD. Leslie is an icon in the industry and one of my very favorite people. She’s an academic coach all about time management and getting stuff done. I love and use her product. She does a lot of work with teenagers and college students, so you’ll find resources right up the teen alley on her website. 

  • Dr. Russell Barkley  Obviously. He’s brilliant, but very information dense. Not everyone finds his resources reader-friendly because he’s very technical, but he’s brilliant. If you are an information junkie, Russell is your guy.

ADHD on YouTube

How to ADHD with Jessica McCabeI use a lot of her videos in my group coaching with my teens. She keeps all of our attention because she moves around quite quickly.

Navigating all the Resources

All ADHD experts cover topics like:

  • Self-regulation

  • Friendships 

  • Effective communication

  • Executive functioning

  • Understanding and interpreting emotions

  • Coping with anxiety

That’s because people with ADHD need those same same skill sets at any stage of life. 

Finding a coach or expert who resonates with you is everything. It just depends on who speaks your language and what format you prefer to consume your information: podcasts, books, videos, workbooks…

If you really resonate with me and love learning through video, try binging my videos on all things teenage ADHD in the Guides section of the Facebook group. I have some great videos organized by topic that will help you navigate ADHD with your teen all summer long.