It’s ADHD Awareness Month

It’s ADHD Awareness Month! A whole 31 days to celebrate the awesome gifts that come with ADHD and get information and support to overcome the challenges!

And speaking of information and support! I want to make sure you don’t miss out on the free resources available to you all month long!

Here’s how you can get involved, connected and in touch with others with ADHD:

1. Join the free ADHD Expo hosted by Tara McGillicuddy from Oct 1-31 where there will be video tips, prizes, an online Exhibit Hall and chat room. Click here to learn and connect!

2. Listen to the daily TADD talks from ADDA here – only eight minutes long!

3. Design a fun ADHD Awareness Meme here.

4. And of course, you can join me on social media where I will be sharing videos on:

– ADHD by the Numbers

– Myths vs. Facts

– Symptoms of ADHD

Tune in on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube – your choice!

And if you know of other events happening during the month of October for ADHD Awareness, please post in the comments below!