The 1 Question I Ask Myself Each Day

We are all busy.  We all have a LONG to-do list, which continues to be added and subtracted to.  We all feel the pressure to get everything done. Sometimes this pressure becomes stress and then where does that lead?  Nowhere good, that’s for sure!

What I’ve come to realize is: there are certain times of the day when I get a ton done and other moments where I linger, jumping from one thing to the next with no real agenda, getting nothing accomplished…and the end product is a not so good feeling of disappointment.  Anyone relate?  

Over these past few months when my plate has been quite full (SELF IMPOSED AND LOVING IT – NOT COMPLAINING!), I started using a trick to get more done so I could end my day with a better feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction..and it just might work for you!

Here’s what I did:

I asked myself one question as I planned my day (and, in all honesty, I began asking it MANY times…in the same day)!

You see, questions are the main conduit of the coach-client relationship.  I ask a ton of questions throughout our professional relationship with the intent of the client arriving at solutions and clearer understanding.  Yielding great results, it’s a very productive process! 

So it would only make sense that I began asking myself questions when it came to my own professional day, right?  I mean really, how could I NOT coach myself and begin asking the tough questions?

I’ve, thankfully, not had any issues or challenges with prioritizing.  My biggest obstacle was time and how I was using it. So, in true coach fashion, I ask myself this one question…and it’s been a life changer:

What is the Best Use of my time, RIGHT NOW?

The “right now” part is crucial!!!!  Why? Because it breeds awareness of time!  It is present! It is real! It is something that you can control!  

Time is one of the most challenging “challenges”, if I may, of ADHD.  While I am a neurotypical, I still struggle at times with how to best use time.  

I DO know how long something takes, I DO know how to prioritize but if I don’t use the time I have “right now” in the most productive way, nothing will get done…OR something will begin and then won’t have an end to it.

So I ask myself often things like: How much time until my next client?  Do I have enough time “right now” to get this item done? 

This question can be used NOT just in the office setting, but also personally.  If there are phone calls to make, or errands to run, or carpools or practice to sit in, and you have an hour window until pick up?  

Ask yourself: What is the best use of your time during these events?  Can you get a quick grocery store run in? Can you return a call?  Can you take a few minutes to decompress and turn it all off? How can you be most productive, RIGHT NOW…in the moment…in the next 15, 30, 60 minutes?

With my 2020 intention of working smarter throughout my day, this is the one question that I continuously ask myself.  It’s made an incredible impact on my work and I plan better (yes, believe it or not, I want to plan better!), I’m getting things checked off, I’m feeling like I have time for myself throughout the day (remember you are #1.  ALWAYS.) and I feel like I’m making time work for me vs. being beholden to it.

So, use this question like I do and challenge yourself to understand what all can be (or not!) done RIGHT NOW.  It’s a game-changer!!!