Teen Rockstar Program

A complete coaching and support package for the academic school year: Private coaching, group coaching, parent meetup, monthly interaction with parents, and lots of accountability for your high schooler!


Program Details:

I will partner with your teen and help them uncover their best practice (and version of themselves)  for time management, procrastination, organization, motivation, (such a tough one!)  study environment, grades, self care and so much more.

What you’ll get:

  • Bi-weekly or weekly 30 minute private coaching options.
  • 15 min monthly progress meetings with parent.
  • Access to Loving GrADDitude Academy for parents. 
  • Weekly Goal Setting.
  • Accountability during the week via text with your teen (if they prefer this).

  • monthly parent meet ups.
  • Uncover their best practice in time blocking, planning, organizing, study environment, length of focus, motivation, study skills, learning styles,  Life wheel of balance , goal setting and coping skills for anxiety and overwhelm.

  • Office Hours: for you or your teen to ask any questions that have come up or if they need accountability.
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Frequently Asked Questions  

What’s the process to sign up?

I meet with parents for the initial meeting, then I schedule a zoom  with your high schooler for a quick 15 minute “get to know”  and see if they will be a good candidate for my program.  After that 15 minute zoom meet, the parent comes back to the zoom and we discuss next steps.

How do you meet with students?

 We meet via zoom.  They (and you) receive google calendar reminders with the zoom link and password.

Do I have to sign up for the entire academic year?

No, however, what I have found is most teens need one on one accountability and  parents enjoy this support throughout the academic year. I am a bit flexible but only with certain situations. Happy to discuss.

What if my teen is not engaged or making progress?

It takes a lot of time and patience for trust and mindsets to occur.  I ask that you give me 3 months working with your teen.  If I or you don’t see progress made, we will happily discuss other options.

What if my teen runs late for a session?

It is their responsibility to text or email if they run late.  I allow a 10 minute grace period, after that the session will be considered lost.  Running late puts everyone else late and it’s not fair to the others’ who are on time.  I discuss this with all my teens.

How often do you communicate with parents?

It depends on the teen.  If there is lots at stake grade wise, I tend to communicate weekly via text or email.  We partner together to figure out how to best support the teen.  There are times when I need information and help from the parents to ensure I am making the best use of my sessions with your teen.   Trust me when I say, I am great at communicating when I see a need or concern.

When do you coach?

I coach on Mondays and Tuesdays from 8:00am-8:00pm EST.  I am also a mama of teens and I need to be available for them during the week, so I am quite strict with my time.

What if my teen is nervous about the group coaching?

What I can share here is that the majority of my teens are nervous, until they join and get to meet the others!  I can also share that each of them have  the same challenges and once they join the group coaching, they will realize they are not alone and it is a very safe and fun place to feel accepted. 

I would ask (and I tell them this as well) them to be brave and get out of their comfort zone- we have FUN during the group gatherings (and learn along the way!)  This coming year I will be focusing a lot on social skills and awareness! 

Do parents have access to you throughout the week?

Only parents and teens receive my phone number and can text throughout the week.  I just ask that you be mindful of my days where I’m not coaching so I can also have balance.  I am known to hop on a facetime call or zoom call at the last minute with parents if there’s an immediate need.

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“When we would implement a new system at home, Kelly would follow up with me to see what progress has been made and how my teen was adjusting/reacting to the changes.”

“A. is doing a lot better than he’s ever done and he attributes that to his work with you.”

“Thank you for everything you are doing to help my son…it is really making a difference.”

“I feel lighter and less anxious about the changes that are happening to my daughter now that I understand more about what is going on.”

Let’s Work Together!

My coaching is a complete support package with tons of tools, fun assessments,  accountability and ADHD expertise. Let’s chat to see how I can help you.