Unlocking Focus

Managing ADHD can be challenging, but with the right approach, your teen can thrive and unlock their full potential.

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Holistic Approach to Managing ADHD

When: Sunday, June 25
Time: 7:30pm EST
Cost: $27

Are you meeting your teen where they are?

⭐️Supporting your teen with ADHD requires a multi-faceted approach that addresses their academic, emotional, and social well-being.

⭐️Join me as we walk through practical strategies and  techniques that have proven to be effective in supporting teens with ADHD.

⭐️From organization and study skills to fostering self-confidence and resilience, you will take away tools and a deeper understanding to best  support your teen’s growth and success.

Kelly Biltz - ADHD Coach

Not a one size fits all.

Together, we will navigate the complexities of ADHD, focus on unique strengths, and deep dive into 6 areas of managing ADHD.

Kelly Biltz - ADHD Coach

Here’s what to expect:

👏🏻45 minute presentation

👏🏻15 minutes of Q & A (questions are sent prior to the webinar and will be answered live during the webinar.)

👏🏻Replay and slideshow sent to your inbox after the webinar

Cost is just $27

Hi, I’m Kelly!

I’m a Certified ADHD Teen Life Coach and teens are my jam!
I specialize in helping high schoolers manage the everyday challenges of ADHD with tools and strategies that really work.
I’ve clocked in over 3000 hours of coaching  teens and, depending on day, it takes a village to parent them!
 The 6 areas of managing adhd are the exact strategies I use in my coaching practice as well as in my home. 

Kelly Biltz - ADHD Coach