Private Coaching: Teen Rockstars Program

A complete coaching and support package for the academic school year: Private coaching, group coaching, parent meetup, monthly interaction with parents, and lots of accountability for your high schooler



As your ADHD Life coach, I will partner with your son/daughter and help them uncover their best practice (and version of themselves)  for time management, procrastination, organization, motivation, (such a tough one!)  study environment, grades and self care. 

Mental Wellness is super important to me and I will help your high schooler with coping skills for anxiety, overwhelm and support their journey to independence and ensuring they are taking care of themselves along the way.


ADHD Toolbox

Assessing  your  teen’s  best  practice: coping skills for anxiety; exploring their dopamine diet; writing down positive affirmations that help build self confidence; ADHD Life  Wheel,  homework  profile, core  values,  strengths  based assessment,  and  lots  of  other assessments.

30 min Private Coaching

( 3 Privates per month)

This is where we deep dive into how to keep your teen motivated, get started on their work, how to manage the distractions, breaking down the weekly school work, time blocking, prioritizing the work and creating systems, structure with lots of positive encouragement.

Staying on Task and Maintaining Grades

We look at the weekly work load,  prioritize, organize and schedule a plan for your teen to stay on task with school work and assignments with the goal being to maintain grades above B’s.


 I am your teen’s accountability partner and will hold them accountable for ALL they have before them! I will not give up on them! If your teen requires, I do weekly text check ins. 

Group Coaching

Once per month Social skills group coaching, led by Julie Crenshaw, Social Skils Expert.  


Uncover  your  best  “YOU!”

Your  teen  will  end  this  program understanding  all  they  need  to  advocate for  themself,  be  resilient,  increase  their self-confidence  and  self-esteem,  and understand  what  they  need  to  help themself  stay  on  task  and  live  a successful  life  with  ADHD!


I’m  only  successful  if  your  teen is!  I  will  ensure  task  completion, time management,  decrease procrastination,  support prioritization,  increase motivation,  accountability  and support  during  life  situations.

Ongoing Support

Parents:   We  meet  for  15  minutes each  month  for  a  quick  recap  and touch  base.


10 Month Pricing

Program runs through the academic year

(flexible duration of program available) 

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