Living with ADHD can feel overwhelming. The ADHD Life Planner will help you keep track of what matters most!

This 22 page printable planner will help you keep track of your teens homework, medications, sleep & emotions (without having to nag or question them!)

No more fighting over homework, or trying to remember every last detail of everyday.

The only system you need to keep your family organized.

“Before finding this planner I was battling with my teenager trying to keep track of every part of their day.

The easy to use planning sheets allowed them to take responsibility & acted as a quick guide for me to check on…..If you need to feel less overwhelmed day or over day, I highly recommend buying this product!”

Hey there, friend! đź‘‹

I know what’s like to feel overwhelmed with trying to love your ADHD teen with everything you have, all while trying to provide enough structure for them to succeed.

I get it, I was there once…

But the good news is…that doesn’t have to be you!

Welcome to your 5 minute Productivity Planner!

  • No more trying to remember your teens homework tasks day to day.
  • No more repeating rules like a crazy person.
  • No more feeling like YOU have to remember everything.
  • No more battling with your teen to take care of their health, take their medications or get activity in…..

As we know, one of the things that ADHD teens struggle with the most is overwhelm about what to do, how to do it, and when to do it – and this planner removes all those issues.

Equally, it benefits you both because you’ll spend 5-10 minutes together where you can support and encourage them by helping your teen plan and maximize their day – rather than leaving them to struggle in silence and push the planner aside, which may result in fights and arguments and negative emotions…and, dare I say, shutdown?

Kelly Biltz - ADHD Coach


Why you should use the  ADHD Life Planner 

There’s a whole range of benefits from using this planner!  We are going to keep it super   simple, so, allow me to bullet point them out for you:

  • This removes the anxiety of overthinking or procrastination so they achieve more and get those feelings of success and achievement  (big dopamine hit!  YAY!)
  • Help them plan out their chores to avoid stress in the house about what they’re responsible for and what your expectations are  (less bickering: win-win for all!)
  • It only takes 5 minutes to go through this together!  (totally do-able!)
  • This can avoid consequences for missing chores or getting bad grades so you can improve your relationships with your teen (super important for a peaceful home!)


You’ll have a happier, healthier relationship with your teen and they’ll achieve more because they’ll understand how and when to complete their responsibilities.