Master Your Motivation

Teens with ADHD Superpack Bundle

Teen feeling unmotivated, disorganized, and overwhelmed?

There’s no pill for that. 🙁

But they CAN learn the skills to: 

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  • Understand why they’re feeling unmotivated and how to fix it. 
  • Fill and Refill their motivation so they never have to fall behind in school again. 
  • Understand how long things take so they can manage their time and not be afraid to get started. 
  • Stay organized with systems for their digital schoolwork, calendar, work space, and backpacks
  • Reward themselves with self-care using a dopamine menu so they never have to burn out or suffer from lack of motivation. 

How? With the….

Master Your Motivation

 Superpack Bundle!

Master Your Motivation, Time & Organization!


Kelly has worked with countless teens who all have the same challenge:

getting motivated to start their work!

This bundle includes the exact system she uses when she coaches teens.  

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🌟 How long things take (PDF).

🌟Dopamine and getting a win and reward (PDF).

🌟Kelly’s best and  secret tip for breaking down assignments and projects: it works EVERY TIME!   

PLUS they’ll get…

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🌟 the Time and Productivity Tracker (Video and PDF).

🌟AND the Weekly Brain Dump and Priorities Worksheet (Video and PDF) for even more productivity!

When you invest in the  Superpack Bundle, you’re getting the solution to your teen’s 3 biggest challenges: motivation, time management, and organization!   

It’s not just one big win for your teen. It’s a super pack of skills they’ll use again and again to stay on track, stay motivated, and stay organized… even in the college years!

Hi! I’m Kelly. 

ADHD Coach for teens and mom to two extraordinary teens. 

If there’s one thing I know about ADHD, it’s this: The struggles our teens go through on a daily basis have NOTHING to do with intelligence. Their success all comes down to their ability to break down the work, manage the day to day tasks, and process information.

Our job as parents and coaches is to help them get past the procrastination and perfectionism so they can just get started. It’s more than half the battle!

I created the UPLEVEL YOUR MOTIVATION! Bundle so your teens can learn to be the master of their time, break down all the hard stuff into smaller tasks, and reward themselves by creating built-in motivation for every assignment!

The info, worksheets, and video in this bundle are exactly what I use to help my 1:1 teen clients get past the fear and anxiety that trigger a lack of motivation. And now your teen can experience that same freedom too!

Kelly Biltz - ADHD Coach

Ready to help your teen MASTER their motivation so they can stop the cycle of late work, missing assignments, and low morale?

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