High School Executive Function Webinars 

Join Fall 2023 Semester

Executive Function Webinars

Program Begins September 17

Fall 2023 Semester


Two Webinars a month via ZOOM. *Recordings will be provided*.

Group structure:

    • Guided Teaching with Kelly:  2 times per month

Executive Function Webinar Topics:


    • September – Enhancing Executive Functions: 5 Academic Organization Systems, Crafting an Effective Study Cycle for the ADHD Brain
    • October: Mastering the Essential Life Skill of Project Breakdown and 20 Pro Active Strategies that will Curb Stress and Boost Confidence
    • November: 15 Memory-Boosting Strategies You Need to Know and Unlocking Self-Motivation and Get Started!
    • December: – Understanding Impulsive Behavior and Cultivating Self Control 
    • Sunday Evenings 7:00pm EST
    • Limited # spots available

Webinar Benefits 

  1. Teens  learn from one another and their influence with one another can be so inspiring!
  2. No conflicts with schedule- if they cannot make a group gathering they are able to watch the reply on their own time
  3. If they are nervous or uncomfortable on zoom, I don’t require video to be on- I expect them to participate via chat or via audio.
  4. Abundant strategies:

a. Organize school systems of keeping track of their work and being organized

b. Decrease procrastination by learning how to get started and motivate themselves to do the “not so interesting, why do I have to do this?” work

c.  A brilliant strategy that will help them break down their work so that their tasks sound easier.

d.  Knowledge is power!  Understanding how their brain is wired and why some behaviors “show up” ie: impulsivity

e.  Increased confidence and self esteem when they are productive and on task

f.  Study hacks, study cycles, test taking strategies  that work for their brain

g.  Resilience and growth mindset- changing out  black and white thinking