Unlock Strategies for Academic Success, Navigate Social Challenges, and Boost Confidence

Introducing: High School Webinar Series

adhd 101

Supporting a Neurodivergent Teen throughout the school year is grueling at times!

Joining my webinar series will give you:

➡️ Expert Guidance:

Webinars cater to ADHD teens by offering tailored  strategies that work for their brain and are designed to address the daily academic challenges associated with ADHD.

➡️ Academic and Skill Development:

Academic success and life skills webinars empower ADHD teens by fine tuning essential life skills, including time management, organization, and effective study techniques.

➡️ Community Support: 

Teens relate to one another! By cultivating a supportive community and connecting them with peers who share similar challenges,  they learn from one another and don’t feel isolated.

➡️ Self-Empowerment: 

With proactive and practical strategies, teens can actively shape their academic journey and build the confidence necessary to navigate challenges both inside and outside the classroom.

Here’s why I can help:

👉 I work with teens 24/7 and these are the exact challenges they face on a daily basis.  I know the pain points of managing all things academic and have built countless strategies that my private clients rely on to keep them confident in their academic journeys.

👉 I know your teen may lack confidence and may be beating themselves up.  The #1 reason why I do what I do is to help alleviate stress and boost confidence within this teen community.

👉 I know that having an expert pouring into your teen can make the difference of them being stuck and unmotivated to listening and implementing strategies that work for their brain.

My transformative journey parenting my son led me to become a leading expert in teens with ADHD,  allowing me to foster and share that expertise in coaching and empowering teens to excel academically and in life.

Monthly Topics Packed with Practical, Easy to Implement Tips and Strategies! 


Navigating Neurodiversity: Exploring ADHD and Executive Functions 

  • Understand what causes ADHD (brain wiring!) and why managing everyday life can feel like an uphill battle! 

Stress-Busting Academic Organization Strategies:

  • Explore five must-have organizational systems that will not only enhance your academic performance but reduce stress around academics!


Confidence Boost: The Tried-and-True  Study Plan for Academic Success

  • This is the exact plan my teen clients are using to crush their academics! 

Memory Mastery: 15 Strategies for Enhanced Recall

  • Your brain requires lots of repetition!  Learn 15 proven, creative strategies to lock in memory! 


Take Ownership:12 Strategies to Accountability, Confidence, and Academic Independence

  • Discover the keys to feeling confident and independent in your academic journey! No more shifting blame! Explore 12 proactive strategies that  empower you to take charge of your world and advocate on a whole new level!

Beyond the Wall: Strategies for Boosting Motivation

  • Journey beyond the “Wall of Awful” with powerful motivation strategies that will help you overcome the feeling of being stuck,  boost your productivity and conquer the “not so fun”, busy work and project work!


Navigating Impulsivity in ADHD: Strategies for Managing Coexisting Behaviors

  • Delve into the realm of impulsive behavior, discovering practical strategies to effectively curb these tendencies.

Effective Strategies for Anxiety Management:

  • Explore a holistic approach to minimize anxiety symptoms associated with ADHD.

Join today!

4 payments of $189.00

Q and A section:

When are the webinars held?

Sunday evenings EST

What is the length of the program?

4 Months!  Program begins January 14 and ends April 28, 2024

Can you please clarify the payments?

There are 4 payments of $189.00 per month

How long is an average webinar?

30-45 minutes based on interaction.

How many webinars are there?

There are 2 webinars per month.

What if my teen can’t attend each session?

All attendees have access to a google drive where replays and slideshows are housed.  Each recording will be available within 24 hours after the webinar.

Does my teen have to interact during the webinar? What if they are nervous to attend?

Great questions and very common ones as well!  I don’t require video to be on.  What I do ask throughout the webinar is for interaction via chat box and or hand raising/emoji response.  Some teens will interact and ask questions with their video off as they are more comfortable with this!



I really want to sign up my teen, but they are hesitant and don’t want to do it.

Another very common question!  And, what I will say is this:  Your teen will walk away after each webinar with a toolbox of strategies and tips to navigate their daily lives.  Every webinar topic is geared around all things academic and ADHD. 

So they won’t just learn why their brain functions the way it does, they will learn strategies that work with their brain.  The webinars are packed with practical strategies, organizational tips, ideas to overcome motivation, “being stuck”, with a treasure trove of creative ways to navigate academics. 

What I know to be true is that I work with teenagers 24/7 and everything that is discussed and taught in these webinars are the exact strategies and life skills that my private clients rely on for their academic success.  

How does the billing work for a program like this?

Are there refunds for this program in case my teen decides they don’t want to participate and attend?

As all attendees have access to recordings and slideshows, there are no refunds for this program.

What if the program has already started and I want to sign up?

You can still sign up as you have access to all recordings!!


Put an end to after school fights and learn a system that will help your whole family thrive this year.

Join today!

4 Payments of $189.00