1:1 ADHD Coaching for College Students

College doesn’t have to be scary when you have help!

Navigating campus life, getting to class on time, remembering all those due dates, management of medications and, basically, life (AHHH!) can be a challenge. 

It’s your first year doing it all on your own, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

NOW is when it really counts to have an ADHD partner on your side and in your corner.

College doesn’t have to be scary when you have help with:

  • Realigning your focus so you can stay on track and keep your grades up

  • Mastering organization strategies that actually work WITH your ADHD, not against it

  • Accountability and Advocacy as it is all on YOU to communicate needs and meet your own personal expectations

  • Stress management and self-care so you can avoid burnout, pulling all nighters, and maybe even the freshman 15.

When you load up your car, don’t forget the essentials…

ToothbrushStorage containersMini-fridge Kelly!

Here’s what you’ll get with 1:1 ADHD Coaching for College:


Hi, I’m Kelly!

I’m a Certified ADHD Teen Life Coach and teens are my jam! I partner with high schoolers who need someone in their corner helping them establish skills and staying above ground with grades and assignments, and parents who want someone their teen will listen to.

After our youngest son was diagnosed with (combined ADHD), I made it my life’s mission to help and support him in every single way I knew how…

After reading a tweet about an ADHD Life Coach on Twitter, I realized this was exactly what I needed to do: help other teens manage the challenges of  ADHD like I was doing for my son.   I trained to be an ADHD Life Coach at the International ADHD Coach Training Center (iACTcenter), and the rest, they say, is history!   I am in my “wheelhouse”,  as helping high schoolers and partnering with families during these trying and crucial years is my calling. I feel the Lord has worked through my son and blessed me with this passion in life and I am super honored to work with each of my amazing clients! 

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