Hey, Teens!

Want to crush the  2023-2024 academic year?

Join us for the Summer Study Skills Webinar Series in August.

Being a teen has its challenges. 

But those are nothing compared to navigating high school with ADHD!

  • When was that essay due, again?

  • I have a presentation due tomorrow?!

  •  There’s no way I can write down all this information!

  • Where do I find my assignments online?

  • Can anyone tell me how to study for this test?!

😨 😨 😨 😨 😨 😨 😨 😨

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Learn the tips and tricks that work for your brain  so that you feel more confident academically! 

Introducing the Summer Study Skills Webinar Series

Summer Study Skills

(Pick 1 for $37 or all 4 for $127!)


Learn 15 memory strategies that work with your brain, so that you can remember important dates, tests, events, and details.

LESS  forgetting. You got this!

SUNDAY, August  27, 7:30pm EST


Does studying take FOREVER? 

Learn how to cut your time in half and recall all the right information with these study tips and tricks!



Everyone seems to know what they’re doing in class, but your pencil can’t keep up! 

What do the other kids know that you don’t?

Take better notes and feel confident with these note-taking tips and tricks!



Get rid of test anxiety and take a deep breath. You have everything you need to succeed and keep your grades up with these test-taking tips and tricks! 

No more second guessing yourself!


These webinars are packed 

full of practical strategies to help you navigate your academic world.

  • Improve your memory so that you can recall important dates and  assignments…and remember important facts for quizzes and tests.
  • Study smarter, prioritize work and be more productive: learn what your best study cycle is so that you are not doing school work for hours on end with little to show. 
  • Take better notes: learn how to be efficient in the classroom- you don’t need to write everything the teacher says!  Learn how to make the material easy to understand and write.
  • Take tests with less anxiety so that you  can improve your GPA, boost your confidence and get the grades you deserve. 

Webinar Details:

The webinars are happening on Zoom (Being on camera is optional) . 

⭐Replays will be delivered via email.

⭐You’ll get the slideshows AFTER the webinar so you can have these tips & tricks forever 

⭐ The format for these webinars is 20-30 minutes of slideshow and 15 minutes for Q&A if you have questions. 

Register for all 4 today to save BIG! 

Hello there, I’m Kelly!

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I’m a Certified ADHD Teen Life Coach and teens are my jam!
I specialize in helping high schoolers manage the everyday challenges of ADHD.
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