New Diagnosis?

Overwhelmed with ADHD? 

Join me for a 6 Week ADHD Intensive 

 Summer program begins:

June 11, 2023

Parenting a neurodiverse teen comes with unique challenges!

They need specialized support to help them overcome… 

🤸Communication challenges.  

🤸Organization problems.

🤸Neurological differences.

The first step to supporting your teen is KNOWLEDGE.

But the information on ADHD is overwhelming, not specific to teens, and so conflicting, you don’t know where to turn for help.

 Here’s What I Know….

adhd 101

👉 I was lost when my son was diagnosed. I didn’t know where to find the best support for my child as it all seemed so overwhelming.

👉 I realized I was a BIG part of the problem and had to change my language and parenting as both were no longer working.

👉 I was riddled with worry about how to put systems in place that worked for him.

👉 I had to figure out ways of managing ADHD. The pill, doesn’t teach the skill. There is no “one size fits all” solution.

So I did my research. YEARS of research!

I took everything I learned about ADHD and funneled it down into a teen-focused system that has worked time and time again with my one-on-one clients, group coaching clients, and even my own teenage sons.

And now, I’ve simplified the research by putting it all into one easy-to-digest 6-week Intensive just for you.

Are you ready to give your teen tailored support after an ADHD diagnosis so that your whole family can THRIVE?

I’d be honored to walk beside you and support you!

Here’s What You’ll Learn!

Here’s the program at a glance!

Weekly Topics:

Week 1:   What is ADHD? Deep dive into causes, presentations, co-existing conditions, understanding anxiety

Week 2: Executive Functions:  In depth look into our self management system.

 Week 3:  5  Organization Systems that are key to productivity

Week 4: Time Blindness and Transitions

Week 5: Impulsive Behavior and Emotional Regulation.

Week 6:  Managing ADHD- 6 areas of focus.

Only 10 spaces are available for this offering.

Hi, I’m Kelly!

I’m a Certified ADHD Teen Life Coach and teens are my jam!

I’ve been in your exact shoes and realized I was parenting all wrong!

I changed my language and parenting approach with my son because I was 90% of the problem.  Once I modeled what I understood he needed, our relationship changed from frustration to peaceful.  There is  no arguing, fighting or tension in my home…it is filled with peace and calm 24/7.

I don’t want  you to feel alone and helpless like I did!

When my son was diagnosed I stopped at nothing to understand how to help him.

I am an expert in ADHD and understand behaviors, motivation and have a deep need to help parents understand the behavior and why it’s happening.  (eliminating some of your stress and worry is what I am all about and keeping life in perspective!)

Countless parents have said to me, “How would Kelly handle this?  What would Kelly say about this?  I wish I had Kelly in my back pocket so I would know what to do!”

I’ve worked with countless teens and parents and I completely understand where you “are” in your journey.  

I want you to have a peaceful relationship with your teen- not one of nagging, frustration and stress.

I was SO much more confident when I realized I could manage and understand his challenges and troubleshoot and avoid emotional meltdowns and I want this for YOU!