My Favorite ADHD Products

Tools, planners and products I happily endorse.


Academic Planner from Order Out of Chaos

Why? They’re durable (it lasts a full year with my ADHD son), practical, functional. Plus they teach time management, reduce stress and can be fun to decorate. (If you need additional reasons, I did a whole video series of love for these planners on Instagram!)


Time Timer

If there’s ONE tool that will change your life with your child, it’s the Time Timer.  A tool that has multiple uses, this is one of the best for children who have challenges transitioning, staying on task and managing their time.  (See my video series on this via Facebook or Instagram).

adhd lullaby

ADHD Lullaby

Brian Wisda of ADHD Lullaby™. Watch took on the challenge of getting his ADHD son to sleep each night and perfected a method of recording music using principles from neuroscience which helped puts kid with ADHD to sleep fast. Which, we can all agree, is music to a parent’s ears!

(Click here for my interview with Brian!)

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My academic  year-long coaching program covers all your high schooler needs to advocate, understand and manage ADHD.  I am an accountability partner with not only your teen but  you as well!  My goal is for your stress as a parent to decrease and your teen’s confidence in their academic and home life to increase.