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  • What Kelly knows as an ADHD Teen Life Coach: your teens want to make you proud!
  • She’s worked with countless teenagers and has clocked in over 3000 hours of coaching teens and, in case you need to hear this: they all strive to please you!
  • May these 4 things bring relief to you!
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Kelly is an ADHD Teen Life Coach and has worked with countless teens.  She understands the challenges raising neurodiverse teens and strives to provide support, encouragement and care for parents who share in these challenges. 

Living in her happy place in Pinehurst, NC, she is the mama of two teen boys (and loves Gen Z teens!) and has been married to her hubby for over 23 years.  In her spare time (yes, believe it or not, she takes most of the Summer off) you will find her on the golf course, on the swing on her front porch reading and in the yoga studio sweating like there’s no tomorrow!  Namaste!

Her life revolves around teens 24/7.  May you find peace and encouragment as you download her 4 Things your Teen wants you to know. ❤️

Kelly Biltz - ADHD Coach